Stationed Abroad with their Family, Amelia and Evelyn Discover Mathematics Success with Elephant Learning

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1.) Challenges

Finding resources for homeschooled children is a challenge for many families. For military families living overseas, however, it can be insurmountable. Four-year-old Amelia and two-year-old Evelyn’s mom joined a small homeschool group on the base. However, most of the children were older, so the shared resources the group offered were not age-appropriate. Their mom also tried to locate local and online resources but found very few were available in English. The girls’ close relationship also posed a bit of a problem when it came to homeschooling. “Amelia has trouble focusing for more than a few minutes at a time,” says mom, “and Evelyn only shows interest when Amelia is doing work with her.”  

2.) Finding Elephant Learning

During her online search for resources, Amelia and Evelyn’s mom found Elephant Learning. The program, which combines gamification with age-appropriate learning and assessment, was exactly what she was looking for.

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3.) Amelia and Evelyn’s Experience With Elephant Learning

The girls’ mom realized the girls wouldn’t progress unless they were able to focus, but forcing children to do lessons can sometimes be counterproductive. “I don’t want to force them to sit,” she says, “but I don’t know how else to pique their interest.” She also didn’t want them hating school, especially math.  Elephant Learning immediately engaged both girls. The gamification approach made learning fun. The focus on learning, review, and assessment tailored for both Amelia and Evelyn individually, was exactly what mom was looking for. The girls’ results confirm their success with the program. Both Amelia and Evelyn are now performing well beyond their age level.

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4.) Amelia’s Results: 

  • Age:  4.9 years
  • Starting Elephant Learning Age: 3.5 years
  • Current Elephant Learning Age: 6.3 years
  • The difference after three months: 2.8 years

5.) Evelyn’s Results:

  • Age:  2.9 years
  • Starting Elephant Learning Age: 3 years
  • Current Elephant Learning Age: 4.3 years
  • The difference after three months: 1.3 years

“What I was looking for was a curriculum more age-appropriate for them that actually held their attention.” ~Amelia and Evelyn’s Mom

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