Our mission is to empower children with mathematics.

Founded by Mathematicians for their children by using the latest science in early age education, Elephant Learning's sole mission is to help children understand and use mathematics in powerful ways.



Students entering kindergarten unable to understand the teacher in mathematics


Students that are proficient in High School mathematics upon leaving high school


STEM & Business Majors switching to majors that require less mathematics.

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Students That Start Behind, Stay Behind

The research data shows that students come into kindergarten unprepared for the curriculum and students that start behind tend to stay behind. This all happens along income lines. Ultimately, the graph on the right shows that the education system works when the student can understand the teacher.

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Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

Students that do more mathematics are better readers, writers, and speakers. STEM majors have higher earning potential and understand finances better.

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We have children too!

We created this system for our children to ensure that they can understand the teacher and not only thrive in public education but enjoy it.

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Effective Tools For Teaching Mathematics

We accomplish our mission by creating effective tools and techniques for teaching children mathematics regardless of their background, anxiety levels, or any external factor. We do that by teaching mathematics as a language.

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Meet Dr. Aditya Nagrath PhD

Dr. Nagrath accepting the most effective math learning platform award at the Education 2.0 conference in Las Vegas.

Dr. Nagrath accepting the prize for most effective learning platform at the Education 2.0 Conference in Las Vegas, NV.

Welcome! My name is Aditya. I am a real life mathematician! I have a PhD in Mathematics & Computer Science from the University of Denver.

I am a published scientist and author.  I have worked on projects in iOS and Android, web, set top boxes, internet of things, and I've even worked on atomic clocks for billion dollar companies like Dish Network, Verizon, JD Edwards, Pearson, Palm, Oracle, and Lucent Technologies.

I am also the founder and creator of Elephant Learning Mathematics Academy.

Elephant Learning all started when I met with a former professor of mine. He informed me that 4 out of 5 students start kindergarten unprepared for the kindergarten curriculum. What this meant was that at a language level, the student could not understand the teacher in mathematics coming into kindergarten due to a mismatch in how a parent interprets counting to ten versus kindergarten standards.

More than that, the research showed that children that did more mathematics at the preschool level were better readers, writers and speakers by third grade.

Finally, the statistics showed that not many students catch up after kindergarten. 75% of high school students are not proficient at high school mathematics. 69% of STEM majors switch to a major with less mathematics. Business, now extremely driven by statistics, is having a similar rate of attrition.

When I was growing up, I always had my mother for mathematics. She worked with my sister and I each summer on the following year's mathematics. At that moment, I realized that this gift that she had given me is something I would have to pass to my son.

The good news is scientists in the fields of early age education have already identified the most effective methods of teaching mathematics. Using my extensive background as a software engineer, mathematician and product creator, I designed Elephant Learning to be the most effective tool for teaching mathematics ever created.

My son is now six years old and over 100,000 students have already benefited from our methodology and system. So many parents come back and say that their children now ❤️love❤️ mathematics! As a mathematician, that warms my heart just as much as knowing that my own children have also received the benefits.

Our only mission is to empower children with mathematics. We make all of our decisions based solely on this mission and offer scholarships to low income families providing up to an 80% discount on tuition.

We've helped hundreds of thousands of students and we are excited to see how we can help your family.

Guaranteed Results

Your child will learn at least 1 year of mathematics over the course of the next 3 months using our system just 10 minutes/day, 3 days per week or we will provide you a full refund.

Empower Your Children With Mathematics

Our only mission is to empower children with mathematics. Got a question?  We LOVE mathematics and are happy to help!

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