Playing Math Games Relieved Hailee’s Anxiety


Math was just hard for Hailee. She was behind a year until one day, her mom found Elephant Learning on Facebook. Now Hailee loves the game experience and has no problem getting her math done.

1.) Challenges

Mathematics was a vicious cycle for Hailee. The concepts challenged her, but when she couldn’t figure something out, she would get frustrated, making learning the concepts even harder.  

2.) Finding Elephant Learning

Hailee’s mom needed to find a way to break Haliee’s anxiety around math time. She saw an ad on Facebook for Elephant Learning and decided to let her daughter try it out and see if she enjoyed it.

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3.) Hailee’s Experience With Elephant Learning

After a few weeks of playing, Hailee was hooked. According to her mom, Elephant Learning “Was in the format of gaming experience. It was the best learning style for Hailee.”

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4.) Hailee’s Results

Playing three days a week for a few weeks boosted Hailee’s mathematics understanding. She is happily closing the mathematics gap — without the anger or anxiety. Her mom adds, “She no longer hates math. When I ask her to get her math finished, she says OK!”  

  • Age: 11.9 years
  • Starting Elephant Learning Age: 9.1 years
  • Current Elephant Learning Age: 11.2 years
  • The difference after 4 months: 2.1 years
“Hailee is more independent when doing her Math. She no longer relies on me 100%. ” - Mom, Sandra

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