Celina’s STEM Success With Elephant Learning


Celina is a bright six-year-old with a love for language and reading. Math, however, was never particularly fun. But to achieve her dreams of becoming a doctor, Celina wanted to conquer math so she could finally get into STEM programs. 

1.) Challenges

Counting, estimates, and sums always were Celina’s pain points. After trying numerous programs, nothing helped the concepts stick. Celina was falling quickly behind in the basics — a big roadblock to her dreams. So her parents to help boost her confidence, grades, and chances of getting into an honor math program at school with extra math curriculars like an online program. 

2.) Finding Elephant Learning

Desperate to find a platform that would help Celina in a stress-free manner, she enrolled her in Elephant Learning. Hoping that Celina would get the grades she knew she could earn and finally become an independent math learner.

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3.) Celina’s Experience With Elephant Learning

Celina progressed from an elephant age of 4.2 years to 8.2 years in about two months! But more importantly, Celina applies what she learns and understands numbers in a way that she couldn’t last month. Her mom adds, “I’m thrilled with the progress that she’s made in such a short period of time. Now I’m going to really start pushing the two older children!”

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4.) Celina’s Results 

  • Age:  7 years old
  • Starting Elephant Learning Age: 4.2 years old
  • Current Elephant Learning Age: 8.2 years old
  • The difference after two months: 4 years!

“I’m thrilled with the progress that Celina’s made in such a short period of time.” - Mom, Aminah‍

Guaranteed Results

Your child will learn at least 1 year of mathematics over the course of the next 3 months using our system just 10 minutes/day, 3 days per week or we will provide you a full refund.

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