John’s Story: Excelling in Math With ADHD


At an early age, John was diagnosed with ADHD which made him a depressed and anxious eight-year-old boy. His parents homeschooled John to give him the extra attention he needed. Finding online learning platforms such as Elephant Learning was paramount to his academic success so far.

1.) Challenges

Being diagnosed with ADHD, depression, and general anxiety disorder is a lot to take on as a kid. John’s mom did whatever she could to support her son, especially in school. She decided to pull him from the traditional setting to give him extra attention through homeschool. However, the transition was challenging. John’s mom felt ill-equipped to teach mathematics. Plus, she struggled to find the correct balance of medications that would help John focus while learning. On top of trying to manage four other kids, the situation was incredibly stressful. Everything seemed hopeless to help John live up to the amazing potential she knew her son had.

2.) Finding Elephant Learning

But John’s mom was a superhero. In her free time, she researched and looked for programs that would support John and help him focus on learning mathematics. She realized that John enjoyed playing games rather than doing homework. So she looked for game-like apps that could teach math but still be fun. To her relief, she found Elephant Learning and decided to enroll John into the Elephant Learning Math Academy. After winning, John was on a path to success.

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3.) John’s Experience With Elephant Learning

John’s mom was right. John loved playing math games on his tablet. The structure kept his engagement and lowered his anxiety. He played every day without whining or getting distracted.

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4.) John’s Results

John has quickly closed his knowledge gap and is currently catching up with students his age.  His mom is optimistic that he will be able to transition back to public school next year.

  • Age: 9
  • Starting Elephant Learning Age: 6.3
  • Current Elephant Learning Age: 7
  • The difference after 1.75 months: .7 years
John's Elephant Age

“John is catching up, and Elephant Learning is improving his confidence with ease” - Mom, Caroline

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