Alana Shows Learning Math is Possible Even With Congenital Conditions


Gifted Alana is a superstar at school but suffers from vision and congenital issues. Her parents wanted to provide her with all the tools to stoke her passion for learning but were strained financially from medical bills.

1.) Challenges

When Alana was three, her parents found out she was blind in one eye. Surgeries to correct her blindness left her without depth perception and reduced spatial reasoning, fine motor skills, and balance. After being diagnosed with a congenital condition called Persistent Fetal Vasculature, the doctors predicted Alana would never see. The developmental disorder would further cause the vasculature in her eyes to wither and regress, causing blindness in both eyes. Her parents are happy that she retained some of her eyesight, but the condition required Alana to have 19 specialty lenses and an intraocular lens implant — most of which her parents paid out of pocket. Alana’s parents always go the extra mile to make sure their daughter gets the medical attention she needs, but it put a financial burden on their shoulders. Despite her vision, Alana is intellectually gifted.  She started speaking in full sentences at 16 months and started first grade at five years old. Her parents looked into gifted programs at The University of Denver but unfortunately, they were too expensive. Alana stayed in public school but she was losing interest because it was not challenging. Besides, the rapport between Alana’s teacher and herself was poor since her teacher believed Alana’s vision would hinder her.

2.) Finding Elephant Learning

To find a mathematics program that would fit within their means, Alana’s parents found Elephant Learning’s Math Scholarship. Alana’s heartfelt story won them the scholarship.

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3.) Alana’s Experience With Elephant Learning

Alana loves math, so when her parents signed her up for Elephant Learning she immediately loved the program. It has piqued her interest and gives her feedback on where she can grow. Learning at her own pace helps caters to her individual needs and allows her to enjoy school with ease. Her younger brother even loves learning more math and playing with his sister!

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4.) Alana's Results

  • Age: 6.5 years
  • Starting Elephant Learning Age: 6.3 years
  • Current Elephant Learning Age: 8.3 years
  • The difference after 3 months: 2.0 years
Alana's Elephant Age

“Learning at her own pace with Elephant Learning caters to her individual needs and allows her to enjoy school with ease.” - Mom

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