How Jacy Learned to Love Math Problems With Elephant Learning


Jacy was two years behind in mathematics and lied about her homework. Mom, Alyssa, struggled with math herself and was frustrated trying to help Jacy break down her mathematical barriers. Elephant Learning Math Academy and gamification changed everything for the family. The results below speak for themselves.

1.) Challenges

According to mom, Alyssa, “Math homework was nothing but a nightmare.” Jacy (11 years old) would frequently lie about mathematics homework or  “forget” to bring it home. When she admitted to having homework, it would take her hours to complete one page. Alyssa adds, “There was even yelling and crying from both of us.”  As a result, Jacy was two years behind in mathematics, even though she was advancing through school.

2.) Finding Elephant Learning

After trying two different after-school math clubs, flashcards, practice sheets, and correcting old assignments with Jacy, Alyssa felt burn out. Mathematics was never Alyssa’s strength, so she was terrified and frustrated trying to help her child succeed. Nothing was working. She wanted something that would spark her kid’s interest and engage her to do mathematics work without her pushing. “I decided on Elephant Learning because it was cost-effective and it had good reviews with results.”

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3.) Jacy’s Experience With Elephant Learning

To Alyssa’s relief, Jacy “Loves the selection of games, especially the ones with her favorite animals.” Jacy’s tears at math time stopped. Plus, Alyssa is pleased that Jacy never needs reminding to practice mathematics. The games keep her learning but provide entertainment to keep it fun. She loves how the avatars grow up as they advance and enjoy their characters. In Alyssa’s words, “They never get bored.”

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4.) Jacy’s Results

Jacy's Elephant Age


Over the course of one summer vacation playing three days or more with Elephant Learning, Jacy went from two years behind in mathematics to only eight points from being at level!  Alyssa is proud Jacy doesn’t hide her homework or isn’t hesitant to correct problems she got wrong. “We have a whole school year left and I am confident she will catch up,” Alyssa beams.

  • Age: 11.6 years
  • Starting Elephant Learning Age: 9.10 years
  • Current Elephant Learning Age: 11.06 years
  • The difference after six months: 1.42 years in 3 months
“I love Jacy never argues with me when I remind her to practice mathematics. I am happy when she is done and says it wasn’t even hard. ” - Mom, Alyssa

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