Elephant Learning Helped Charlie and Victoria Learn Math During a Big Move


Charlie and Victoria (names have been changed) understood mathematics with little comprehension. Now, they play mathematics games while building strong comprehension in decimals, percentages, and fractions.

1.) Challenges

Charlie and Victoria love learning. Both kids were excelling in areas like social studies and arts, but neither grasped math. Plus, a big transition from private to public school (with homeschooling in between) exacerbated low performance.

2.) Finding Elephant Learning

Charlie and Victoria’s mom explains, “I only wanted online options” for homeschool. After research and trials, he settled on Elephant Learning.

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3.) Charlie and Victoria’s Experience With Elephant Learning

According to their mom, they “Loved it!” Charlie and Victoria love watching their age progress, which motivates them to practice more. They have excelled through the program and enjoy every opportunity to get online and ‘play.’

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4.) Charlie and Victoria’s Results

“Charlie and Victoria’s comprehension of math increased tremendously,” says their mom. Playing on Elephant Learning five days a week for several weeks filled in their knowledge gaps. Both kids are on the road to mathematic success at their new school.

  • Starting Elephant Learning Age: 7.7 years
  • Current Elephant Learning Age: 11.3 years
  • The difference after six months: 3.6 years!
  • Starting Elephant Learning Age: 8.7 years
  • Current Elephant Learning Age: 11.2 years
  • The difference after six months: 2.5 years!
“My kids excelled through the program and enjoy every opportunity to get online and play.” - Mom, Jeanne

No more tears at math time!

Elephant Learning helps kids learn 1 year of math in 3 months

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