Annabelle Reaches Her Potential, and Then Some, With Elephant Learning

It seemed like extremely bright, six-year-old Annabelle was beginning to be held back in her classroom. Her peers lacked Annabelle's natural interest in mathematics and her support at home, preventing her from excelling to her full ability. Her parents decided mid-year to homeschool their daughter and began to search for support in an assessment and curriculum delivery. They immediately found Elephant Learning. 

1.) Challenges

Believing that her daughter was being held back by classmates who lacked her daughter's abilities and family support, Annabelle's mom had recently decided to homeschool Annabelle and her siblings. 

At six-years-old, Annabelle could count to 100 by 5's, 2's, and 10's, and had also learned some addition. Although Annabelle's mom, Hannah, acknowledges that most parents probably say similar things, she felt that her daughter was unable to reach her full potential. "I'm not sure exactly where Annabelle is mathematically, but I don't feel that she is where she could be," says Mom, Hannah. 

Mid-way through the school year, Annabelle's parents reluctantly decided to homeschool Annabelle and her two younger siblings. 

2.) Finding Elephant Learning

Once Hannah decided to homeschool, she began to look for support to assess her daughter’s math skills and help her deliver a robust and challenging mathematics curriculum. Elephant Learning provided both. It also engaged her daughter in mastering math concepts and learning new ones. 

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3.) Annabelle’s Experience With Elephant Learning

It turned out that Hannah was right. Annabelle was not reaching her full potential in the classroom setting. When Annabelle started with Elephant Learning, she was a full two years behind other children her age. Within just six months of using the app, Annabelle had surpassed her peers and gained over three years in mathematics!

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4.) Annabelle’s Results: 

  • Age: 6.3 years
  • Starting Elephant Learning Age: 4.4 years
  • Current Elephant Learning Age: 7.5 years
  • The difference after six months: 3.1 years!

“I'm not sure exactly where Annabelle is mathematically, but I don't feel that she is where she could be.” - Mom, Hannah

Guaranteed Results

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