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Empower Children With Mathematics

We want to change the way the world teaches mathematics.

  • Months of math taught
    1.2 million
  • Average number of months per student*
    18 months

    *Students who used the system an average of 30 minutes per week.

Can Math End The Cycle of Poverty?

Math deficiencies happen across income lines. Preschool math scores predict 3rd grade reading scores better than preschool reading scores, and preschool math scores predict overall performance in fifth grade — it is not just math affected! 8th grade math scores predict high school dropout rates.

All of the high paying jobs of today and tomorrow require mathematics. Writing software is an exercise in logic and algebra, both fields of mathematics. Our society is becoming more data driven, making statistics required for many University and College students, yet only 25% of high school students are proficient at high school math!

The result is that those who are economically challenged have children that miss the opportunities that allow economic freedom.

All of this can be easily solved, which is why our mission is to empower children and society with mathematics.

4 Out Of 5 Students Start Unprepared

Kindergarten considers counting to 10 to mean "Give me 10 items" and the student can slide over 10 items and stop on 10. Most parents consider counting to 10 saying the numbers 1 through 10. This disparity causes an understanding gap that perpetuates throughout the student's academic career. This happens completely along income lines with those most in need on average 3 years behind their funded peers!


4 out of 5 students do not understand the teacher coming into the US education system.

Children That Start Behind Stay Behind!

The above chart tracks the percentile by age of the child. There is very little upward movement except for the highest and third income quartiles. The chart indicates that the education system works, if your student can understand the teacher. The income disparity continues, and the education system does not hold young students who do not understand back causing a gap that increases over time.


If we can teach 4 and 5 year olds to understand the numbers, the education system can work for everyone! If we can get students to "catch up" from a language or conceptual perspective, then they can succeed.

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