When Your Student Isn’t Getting It: The Try Button

In the teacher portal, you can drill down even further to see how each student is performing. For example, you can see which types of questions your student is answering correctly and which they are failing consistently. At Elephant Learning, we know it is essential for you to understand why the student is failing to progress in a particular topic.  To help you identify the problem, we’ve added a TRY button beside each question that allows you to try it for yourself. Trying a question will not affect the child’s progress or assessment in any way. This is especially useful in establishing where a child is going wrong.  Look at the question with your student. Ask why they chose the answer they did. You’ll get critical insight. The answer might reveal the lack of a specific skill or a problem related to something as simple as a misunderstanding related to language.  We had one young student, for example, who confused taller with older in a word problem. That simple language error was holding her back from passing this particular question. When we spent time with her on the question, we immediately realized the problem.  With other students, the problem may be more complex. You may discover a lack of skills in addition, for example, is holding a child back from truly understanding multiplication.