How to Place in Test Out Mode

Elephant Learning automatically places a student in Test Out mode until the app determines their level. However, it is also possible to place the student into Test Out mode manually. On the dashboard for that student, click on the subject, and you will see a button that reads Test Out. Clicking this button puts that subject into Test Out mode.

There are many reasons you may wish to set a subject back into Test Out mode. Sometimes, children answer incorrectly or skip accidentally during the placement exam. If someone helped the student during the placement exam, you may wish to return a subject to Test Out mode.

If you need them to retake the exam for any reason, you can do this by logging in via web browser and going to Manage Account / Students. To set a new assignment, you may click the Change Assignment button next to the desired student. Choose the assignment that best fits their level. If they have been playing for a while, a guideline will display their current level of progress in the application.

Note: It is important to ensure that the placement exam starts at a level below their expected level so that we are catching up to them rather than having them fail back to their level.