How to Place a Student

In Elephant Learning, students begin at a level below where they should be or where you, as the teacher thinks they are. The idea is to allow students to achieve success within the app before challenging them on more difficult concepts. This serves the dual purpose of engaging the student and providing an initial confidence boost. The latter is especially critical for students who may suffer from math anxiety or a lack of confidence in their math ability.

The Elephant Learning app is organized as a series of puzzles organized by subject and then by milestones within each subject. It also teaches the language of mathematics so a student can excel in a classroom or real-world situation.

For example, if a student is in grade three mathematics, they would begin with the concepts associated with grade two, ensuring the student can master these basic concepts. This allows the student to master these basic concepts. Once they grasp these concepts, they will quickly test out and move on to the concepts typically covered in the grade three curriculum.

Instead of focusing on memorization, our technology continually adapts to your student. If they answer a question incorrectly, our system finds the gap in understanding and fills it with the most effective activities. If they answer a question correctly, we quickly advance them forward to get them to the next level.

This approach to teaching math ensures that each student is always working on activities targeted at their learning level. By delivering the right activity, at the right time, we accelerate learning much faster than in a classroom whereby necessity, you must keep all of your students focused on the same lesson - regardless of their individual level of understanding and knowledge.

We teach math from many different angles because mathematics can be represented in many different ways. As a teacher, this helps you by differentiating learning. It also provides you with the ability to reach all of your students.

Sometimes as a teacher, you may have to place a transfer student or one whose abilities you have been unable to assess confidently. If you have no idea where to start a particular student, we recommend starting them at the beginning of the system in what would usually be considered a grade one or two.

When you do this, you explain what is happening to the student so that they understand why the questions are initially easy for them. Eventually, you will find their level. It may just take a little longer if they are farther along in their learning.