How Does Elephant Learning Align with Common Core and State Standards?

While Elephant Learning is not Common Core, we did take Common Core and state standards into account by mapping our milestones and system to the bullet points on these curricular standards.

For example, both Common Core and your state standards will cover addition and subtraction to twenty. These are also subjects that Elephant Learning teaches, and we have the sub milestones that correspond to these curricular items.

We do not cover all curriculum items, however.  When the student demonstrates conceptual proficiency in a specific subject, we use the average age for a student to learn that concept in the classroom as a marker for the student in our system. We refer to this as the Elephant Age. It is their real math age meaning that if they are performing at a first-grade level according to Common Core standards, they will likely have an Elephant Age of six years old or higher.

Common Core, like specific state benchmarks, is an academic standard that defines what students should know and can do at particular grade levels. While Elephant Learning is not Common Core, we do approach mathematics by teaching it conceptually, which is what Common Core aims to achieve.

As a teacher, you are dedicated to improving your students’ proficiency in mathematics. Still, the increasing levels of math anxiety we see today in students make this even more challenging. So, too does declining involvement from parents who struggle to understand how Common Core is taught. While we recognize that parents are a critical part of the learning equation, we also know that Common Core tends to alienate these parents. This leaves you without these essential classroom partners when math anxiety is high, and they are most needed.

Elephant Learning helps both by providing an engaging vehicle for helping your students understand key math concepts while also providing a stress-free way to help parents support their children’s success. We created a system that accomplishes the same goals espoused by Common Core without any confusion for parents. We currently cover counting to algebra and will eventually add subjects in higher-level mathematics.