Changing Playtime Limits

By default, our system limits playtime to 20 minutes per day. Recommended usage is 10 minutes a day, 3 days per week.

On average, children within our system learn 1.5 years of mathematics over the course of 10 weeks when they use the system an average of 30 minutes per week and we have based our daily playtime recommendations based upon those averages. Children, especially younger children, can fatigue when using the system, as the problems are challenging when they are presented at the child's level. Counting is easy for adults but is difficult for young children. If your child fatigues sooner than their daily playtime, please allow them to rest and play again the next day or later.

To change the student playtime limits, please log in using a web browser and navigate to Manage Account / Students.

The Daily Playtime setting controls the limit for the day. It is displayed on the graph underneath the avatar on the dashboard. If you do not wish to have a daily playtime limit, turn on Unlimited Playtime. By doing so, the daily playtime field will only control the graph underneath the avatar to show a guide to the student on how long they've been playing today: