The Cottonwood School - El Dorado Hills, CA

The Cottonwood School - El Dorado Hills, CA

Nestled in California's El Dorado Hills, The Cottonwood School paints a vibrant canvas of personalized learning opportunities for families in grades TK-12. This free public charter school unfolds two distinct paths:

Homeschooling with a Helping Hand: Here, parents become the captains of their child's educational voyage, charting the course through a vast ocean of curriculums with the guiding compass of credentialed teachers. The school eases the journey by offering financial support for materials and vendor courses, and fosters a strong community spirit through regular events and gatherings.

Independent Study with Shared Support: For those seeking a blend of independent exploration and social connection, The Cottonwood School offers a hybrid path. Students spend most days honing their skills in the familiar comfort of home, but twice a week, they cast anchor at resource centers, where they receive on-site classes, workshops, and access to valuable resources, forging connections with peers and building a sense of belonging.

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