South Sutter Charter School - East Nicolaus, CA

South Sutter Charter School - East Nicolaus, CA

South Sutter Charter School (SSCS) empowers California families to forge unique learning paths for their children in TK-12 grades. Independent study reigns supreme here, with parents taking the lead in designing individualized plans alongside California-credentialed teachers. No two journeys are the same!

Flexibility abounds at SSCS. Choose home-based learning, explore community-based options, or create a blend – it's up to you. And the curriculum choices? A veritable smorgasbord! From traditional textbooks to online programs and hands-on experiences, SSCS supports your preferred educational philosophy.

Their unique "Curriculum Wizard" helps tailor learning plans, ensuring each child embarks on a journey that fuels their curiosity and ignites their passions. Real-life context takes center stage, weaving education into the tapestry of everyday life.

How to use your funds to subscribe to Elephant Learning?

  1. Go to SSCS Log in page.
  2. Fill out a purchase order. Our vendor number is IEM24267. You can reach out to us for the pricing and invoice.
  3. If you have questions on how to place an order, please contact your education specialist.
  4. Once purchase order has been approved, we will only need your email address and the number of months to get your subscription started.