Sky Mountain Charter School - Placerville, CA

Sky Mountain Charter School - Placerville, CA

Nestled across six California counties, Sky Mountain Charter School (SMCS) offers TK-12 students a unique path to education. Forget traditional classrooms, SMCS champions independent study, partnering with parents to craft personalized learning plans for their children. Education Specialists guide the process, but the reins are in your hands.

SMCS boasts a vast library of curriculum materials, letting you choose programs that ignite your child's curiosity and align with your family's educational philosophy. No one-size-fits-all approach here! And to fuel this learning journey, SMCS provides annual instructional funds based on grade level. Use them to purchase curriculum, educational materials, even online courses – the choice is yours.

Flexibility reigns supreme at SMCS. Learn from the comfort of home or explore community-based options like educational centers, community groups, or online platforms. It's all about finding the environment that fosters your child's learning.

How to use your funds to subscribe to Elephant Learning?

  1. Go to SMCS Log in page.
  2. Fill out a purchase order. Our vendor number is IEM24267. You can reach out to us for the pricing and invoice.
  3. If you have questions on how to place an order, please contact your education specialist.
  4. Once purchase order has been approved, we will only need your email address and the number of months to get your subscription started.