Rio Valley Charter School - Lodi, CA

Rio Valley Charter School - Lodi, CA

Within California's educational landscape, Rio Valley Charter School doesn't stand as a single institution, but as a network of learning opportunities woven through the Pacific Charter Institute. They offer two distinct paths for students in grades TK-12, each echoing a commitment to personalized learning and family involvement.

For families choosing the homeschooling route, Rio Valley becomes a supportive partner. They provide guidance, resources, and even financial assistance for curriculum materials and vendor courses. This support extends across San Joaquin and its neighboring counties, ensuring families have access to the resources they need to thrive in this independent learning journey.

For students seeking a blend of home and school, Rio Valley offers the Independent Study program. This program, available in Lodi, Elk Grove, and Sacramento, allows students to learn primarily at home while attending resource centers twice a week. These centers offer on-site learning, workshops, events, and field trips, providing students with the support and social connections they might crave.

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