Minnesota Department of Education EANS

Minnesota Department of Education EANS

The Minnesota Department of Education's Emergency Assistance for Non-Public Schools (EANS) program is a lifeline for non-public schools navigating the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. Launched in response to federal emergency relief funds, EANS provides crucial funding to help these schools safely reopen and keep their doors open.

All non-public schools in Minnesota qualify for EANS support, regardless of their religious affiliation. However, the program prioritizes schools serving a significant number of students from low-income families. The financial assistance can be used for various purposes, from purchasing health and safety supplies to hiring additional staff and upgrading technology. This flexibility allows schools to tailor their response to their specific needs.

While the overall goal of EANS is to ensure the continued operation of non-public schools, its impact extends far beyond. By supporting these schools, the program helps maintain educational opportunities for countless students and preserves the diversity of the educational landscape in Minnesota. For more information on eligibility, application procedures, and specific fund usage guidelines, head to the MDE website or explore the provided resources. Remember, EANS offers a vital safety net for non-public schools, contributing to a healthier and more inclusive educational environment for all Minnesota students.

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