Heritage Peak Charter School - North Highlands, CA

Heritage Peak Charter School - North Highlands, CA

Scattered across the tapestry of Sacramento and its surrounding counties, Heritage Peak Charter School unfolds as a vibrant haven for families who seek an education as unique as their child's own rhythm. Here, the rigid blueprint of a traditional classroom melts away, replaced by a canvas where personalized learning and family passion paint a colorful picture of educational freedom.

Two distinct programs offer pathways to this personalized paradise:

Homeschooling with a Gentle Guide: In this program, grades TK-12 soar under the gentle guidance of Heritage Peak while families take the reins of their child's educational chariot. Parents become primary educators, navigating a vast ocean of curriculums with the support of credentialed teachers as their compass. Financial assistance for materials and vendor courses smooths the journey, letting families focus on nurturing their child's learning voyage.

Independent Study with Shared Anchor: For those seeking a blend of independent exploration and social connection, Heritage Peak offers the Independent Study program for grades K-12. Students spend most of their time sharpening their skills in the familiar comfort of home, but twice a week, they cast anchor at resource centers in Vacaville, West Sacramento, or Rio Linda. These hubs become vibrant bridges, fostering connections with peers, offering on-site classes, and providing access to invaluable tools and support.

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