Harvest Ridge Cooperative Charter - Newcastle, CA

Harvest Ridge Cooperative Charter - Newcastle, CA

In the foothills of California's Placer County, Harvest Ridge Cooperative Charter School whispers a different kind of educational story, one woven with vibrant threads of personalized learning for K-8 students. Founded on the spirit of family and flexibility, it opens its doors to two distinct paths:

Harvest Ridge Cooperative Charter School Campus: Here, mixed-age classrooms bloom into miniature villages where collaboration thrives and older students become mentors to younger ones. Parents find their voices amplified, not just in cheering from the sidelines, but in actively shaping the educational landscape alongside teachers. Imagine crafting individual curriculums, sharing expertise, and building a vibrant community spirit – that's the tapestry woven by the cooperative model.

Harvest Ridge Home Study Program: For families embracing the independence of homeschooling, this path offers a strong support system. Imagine working hand-in-hand with a credentialed teacher to design a learning plan that ignites your child's unique spark. The school sweetens the journey by providing valuable financial resources and vendor course options, easing the burden and empowering families to curate the perfect educational symphony. But remember, both paths require dedication. Homeschooling demands strong organizational skills and parental commitment, while the cooperative model thrives on family participation in school life.

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