Granite Mountain Charter School - Lucerne Valley, CA

Granite Mountain Charter School - Lucerne Valley, CA

Beneath the California sun, Granite Mountain Charter School (GMCS) paints a vibrant panorama of personalized learning for families seeking an educational odyssey for their children in TK-12. This free public charter school embraces individuality, offering a diverse smorgasbord of programs to ignite each child's unique spark.

Imagine classrooms where learning bends to the rhythm of your child's passions and strengths. Students, hand-in-hand with mentors and teachers, design learning plans that celebrate their pace, style, and interests. Rigid schedules melt away, replaced by family-driven rhythms, allowing for lightning-fast subject conquests or real-world exploration breaks.

Choose from traditional academics, a deep dive into STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math), or, for high schoolers, the adventurous journey of an Early College Academy, tackling college-level courses while still in school. GMCS fosters a community where students feel heard and valued. Enriching workshops, engaging social events, and diverse extracurricular activities weave a tapestry of friendship and broaden horizons. Laptops, tablets, and other resources become trusty companions, enhancing learning, fueling collaboration, and granting access to a universe of content and deeper exploration.

How to use your funds to subscribe to Elephant Learning?

  1. Login to GMCS Online Purchasing System.
  2. Fill out the purchase order for Elephant Learning.
  3. Once purchase order has been approved, we will only need your email address and the number of months to get your subscription started.