New Hampshire Children’s Scholarship Fund

New Hampshire Children’s Scholarship Fund

The Children's Scholarship Fund New Hampshire offers scholarships to low- and middle-income K-12 students in New Hampshire. The organization is the sole administrator of the state’s broad-based Education Freedom Account program, which provides a platform from which thousands of parents of K-12 students can customize the learning experiences that best fit their children’s needs. Through CSF NH, families direct private and state education dollars, and choose from a list of 700 education providers and growing.

The organization offers two types of scholarships: Education Freedom Accounts (EFA) and Education Tax Credit (ETC) scholarships.

The Education Freedom Accounts (EFA) are a type of scholarship offered by the Children’s Scholarship Fund New Hampshire (CSF NH), a scholarship organization that helps K-12 students in New Hampshire access various educational options. Eligible New Hampshire families earning up to 350% of the poverty line can direct part of their child’s state education funding to pay for tuition at the school of their choice, tutoring, online learning programs, educational supplies, and other educational expenses.

The Education Tax Credit (ETC) is a program that allows businesses and individuals to donate to the Children’s Scholarship Fund New Hampshire (CSF NH) and receive an 85% tax credit from the state. The donations are used to fund scholarships for low- and middle-income K-12 students in New Hampshire, who can use them to pay for various educational expenses, such as private school tuition, online learning programs, or homeschooling costs.

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