Math Readiness

Our only mission is to empower children with mathematics.
December 2, 2019
It's About More Than Just Math: Fear, Growth, and Adaptation

Math anxiety — a fear of getting math concepts and problems wrong and the resulting avoidance of math because of that — is something I’ve seen many times over my life and not just in children. It’s just as prevalent in adults and, believe it or not, despite my PhD in math, I experienced math anxiety as a child, too. While some children allowed their math anxiety to grow into a lifelong avoidance of math, mine fueled my competitive spirit and led me to push ahead of my peers, learning advanced math concepts even when I wasn’t able to get into the advanced math classes my middle school offered.

April 16, 2019
Valuable Skills Your Child Learns in Math That They Can’t Learn Anywhere Else

Elephant Learning teaches math concepts from a logic and reasoning perspective, so students learn the underlying basic skills of math before attempting to tackle intimidating numbers and equations. These basic skills are the aspects of math that set up your child to succeed throughout the rest of their life. Get started with the Elephant Learning app and see how I used my knowledge as a Ph.D. mathematician to change the early learning math experience to remarkable results. Our users learn at least a year of math in three months, just by using the app 30 minutes per week, or your money back.

April 9, 2019
How Math Determines Your Child's Overall Success

Setting your child up for success in math and then later in life isn’t as easy as teaching them to count before they go to preschool. When children simply learn to memorize math facts, they’re not internalizing the math-related skills that influence that later success. Students are more likely to succeed when they begin to understand the logic behind numbers, rather than being able to just spout off multiplication tables on command. In fact, your child’s skills in math might not have anything to do with how quickly they can solve basic problems; when your child takes the time to think about the numbers, they get closer to cracking into the problem-solving and analytical skills that give math its value in any career.

June 2, 2017
Restoring the American Dream

We tell our children in the United States that they can grow up to be whatever they want. It is the quintessential American dream and why thousands if not millions of people want to move to our country. Find out why the dream is over before students even have a chance. It is all due to a gap between parent's understanding of what counting to 10 is versus what kindergarten means by counting to 10.